Carolina Filters Invests in Environmentally Friendly VacuClean

Carolina Filters’ goal is to replace traditional technologies with safer, cleaner, more environmentally responsible and improved technologies.  Traditional cleaning technologies use chemicals at elevated temperatures which can degrade the parts being cleaned. Associated raw material costs for traditional cleaning are tied to the price of oil. Environmentally, traditional cleaning processes generate waste streams that must be treated, or disposed of, in landfills.

The change to greener technologies was initiated by a partnership with English company B&M Longworth, through which Carolina Filters gained a new technology in 2009 called DEECOM®. With the new technology, cleaning processes are more energy efficient, have lower emissions, and use less petroleum-based feed-stocks. The DEECOM® technology has replaced traditional technologies for many of its customers and, as a result, those customers have reported improved production and quality. The first DEECOM® unit in 2009 was followed by a second in early 2012.  CFI has the only two DEECOM® units in the Western hemisphere.

In August 2012, Carolina Filters installed a new thermal cleaning system, VacuClean®, manufactured in Germany by Schwing Fluid Technik GmbH.  Through trials, the equipment has demonstrated a safer and more improved burnout technology for various parts than what can be achieved with our current Oven and Salt Bath technologies.

Carolina Filters is proud to have two new technologies that are environmentally responsible, improve workplace conditions for our operators, and provide our customers with a quality service. The new equipment will also allow us to initiate research and development for reclamation processes in new markets and end uses.

While the DEECOM® and VacuClean® technologies will be beneficial to us and our customers, we are continuing to investigate innovative technologies that will ensure Carolina Filters’ competitive and technological edge in current and future markets.

About Carolina Filters Inc.
Carolina Filters Inc. is a filter service provider with its headquarters and cleaning facility in Sumter, SC. Indoor air quality service and distribution centers are located in Greenville, SC, Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC.  CFI has over 40 years experience and employs almost 100 employees working in its Process Equipment Cleaning Division and its Indoor Air Quality Divisions.

Carolina Filters’ Indoor Air Quality Division is a total solution provider of air, liquid and gas phase filtration products, installation services and HVAC systems cleaning programs for the health care, commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Carolina Filters’ Process Equipment Cleaning Division has provided its parts cleaning services for customers in 40 states and 11 countries, and it continues to grow its capabilities and the markets that it serves.

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