Innovative Eco-Technology for Cleaning Metal Filters and Parts

Metal filters and parts are vital to the functionality of equipment in a variety of fields from aerospace to automotive to industrial manufacturing. Cleaning these parts is typically more economical than purchasing new parts and filters. Carolina Filters offers a diverse of unique cleaning methods for each customer’s needs. DEECOM® & VacuClean® are two polymer removal methods that provide unsurpassed cleaning results and are also environmentally friendly.

Polymer and Particulate Removal

Carolina Filters is the only independent cleaning company in the United States and only one of two independent cleaning companies globally to offer this depolymerization method. This green technology uses steam at temperatures comparable to TEG (~550°F) along with a pressure swing from ~4 bar to ambient. The mechanical removal of hot softened polymer, accompanied by some percentage of hydrolysis, provides a clean, environmentally friendly method of removing and collecting removed polymer and particulate.

For poly-condensation polymer removal in non-woven random fiber metal, porous metal and wire mesh media, DEECOM® is used. This cleaning method results in:

  • Removal of embedded inert residuals
  • Replacement of traditional solvent-based cleaning
  • Environmentally responsible processes

Benefits of this eco-friendly technology include:

  • No solvent is required
  • Does not depend on hydrolysis
  • No high temperature pyrolysis
  • Overall a mild, low temperature and low energy process
  • Reduced amounts of waste

VacuClean® Thermal Cleaning System
Polymer, Carbon & Degraded Organics Removal

Unlike DEECOM® technology, the VacuClean® Thermal Cleaning technology can operate at temperature settings up to 500°F, which allows a controlled oxidation of residual organics in a partial vacuum atmosphere. This process has no effect on inorganic materials other than reactions with heat and low oxygen potentials.
For non-woven random fiber metal, porous metal and wire mesh media, VacuClean® is used:

  • To remove polyolefin polymers and some poly-condensation polymers
  • As a means of “deep cleaning” the filter media and confined areas such as bolt holes

Benefits of this environmentally friendly technology include:

  • Controlled HTO process for removal of polymer, degraded polymer and carbon residuals
  • Melt-off, pyrolysis cycles and oxidation cycles under partial vacuum while polymer chain “cracks” to release volatiles which are evacuated from chamber and melt flows into external chamber
  • Controlled heat up and cool down rates

Carolina Filters engineers work with customers to develop unique cleaning methods for the optimal results. Contact Carolina Filters to see which process is most beneficial for your parts or filters. For more information about parts cleaning methods, download Susie Reynolds’ white paper “Methods of Polymer Removal.”

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