3 Environmental Benefits of Shattered Metal Reclamation

Preservation, energy savings and economical solutions are hot topics for all companies. Saving time, money and energy are increasingly important as organizations do their part to preserve the environment.

Carolina Filters is doing its part to provide “green” technologies that are economical, practical and beneficial to its customers and the environment. Shattered metal reclamation has increased in popularity in the synthetic fiber industry. Global economics and environmental mandates have begun to push manufacturing sites toward greener processes and reclamation instead of disposal.

Reclaiming shattered metal is a multipart process, but its benefits far exceed the difficulty. The major benefits of Carolina Filters’ environmentally-friendly process of shattered metal reclamation include:

  1. Solvent/chemical-free process: No solvents or chemicals are used in the reclamation process. For rinsing, only water is used which can be filtered and recycled for future washing processes or other uses. [1]
  1. Re-use of shipping containers: Users will return empty shipping containers to be used for future shipments. In general, approximately 5 shipments/container are possible before discarding the container or using it for other purposes. Recycling plastic shipping containers also reduces the amount of material going to landfills. [1]
  1. Minimization of wastes going to land-fill: Reclaimed shattered metal yields are roughly 96% per batch of cleaned metal. As a result, reclamation eliminates land-filling 100% of polymer & 96% of the shattered metal. The residual 4% of metal that cannot be reclaimed is generally metal fines due to attrition; however, other uses for the fines are being researched. [1]

An additional benefit of our shattered metal reclamation process is the energy-use for reclamation. Energy usage is less than 7 kilowatts per pound of metal reclaimed.

With a variety of reclaimed metal grades, Carolina Filters takes the complexity from the process while providing an economical solution for companies. Contact a Carolina Filters representative today for more information on our innovative shatter metal reclamation process.

[1] For more details specific to the reclamation of shattered metal used in synthetic fiber production, read Susie Reynolds’ e-book.

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