3 Environmental Benefits of Shattered Metal Reclamation

Preservation, energy savings and economical solutions are hot topics for all companies. Saving time, money and energy are increasingly important as organizations do their part to preserve the environment.

Carolina Filters is doing its part to provide “green” technologies that are economical, practical and beneficial to its customers and the environment. Shattered metal reclamation has increased in popularity in the synthetic fiber industry.

Innovative Eco-Technology for Cleaning Metal Filters and Parts

Metal filters and parts are vital to the functionality of equipment in a variety of fields from aerospace to automotive to industrial manufacturing. Cleaning these parts is typically more economical than purchasing new parts and filters. Carolina Filters offers a diverse of unique cleaning methods for each customer’s needs. DEECOM® & VacuClean® are two polymer removal methods that provide unsurpassed cleaning results and are also environmentally friendly.