Carolina Filters offers a full range of cleaning services. From cleaning of standard filters used in polyester and nylon services, to custom filters used in critical pharmaceutical applications, we have the advanced technology and extensive experience to get parts clean and ready for use.

At Carolina Filters, we work with a team of chemists and filter application engineers to determine the most efficient and environmentally responsible processes available for a job. We use many of the latest techniques in the industry, which allows us to remain on top of all our client demands. We also offer clients a cost-effective alternative to in-house cleaning while simultaneously producing cleaning performance levels that exceed those of most in-house cleaning processes.

We are able to tailor cleaning processes for each application because our facility has a wide range of cleaning techniques and capabilities. We will carefully review each filter construction, media type, and contaminant to determine the best solution for each part.

Carolina Filters specializes in providing parts cleaning services for industries, such as:

Polymer, Film & Fiber
In film and fiber industries, applications for their products have become more quality oriented and critical for end users than in the past. As a result, depolymerization, or polymer removal techniques have become increasingly important in returning a clean & usable filter. Carolina Filters has invested in new technologies, along with upgrades to current traditional technologies that allow for a safe and thorough first step in the cleaning process.

Chemical Processing
For all filtration applications that require cleaning of metal filters and parts, chemical processing is an integral part of the cleaning procedure. Carolina Filters uses appropriate formulations or various chemistries that are safe for the specific metallurgies and provide effective contaminant removal.

Oil & Gas Refinery
Typical refinery filters generally require targeted cleaning processes and chemistries that remove filter cake, catalysts, and contaminants from specially formulated media matrices. Carolina Filters has developed disassembly, reassembly, and handling techniques & procedures in conjunction & compliance with users’, manufacturers’ and/or specialty standards.

Aerospace cleaning needs range from processing fuel & oil filters to processing specialty filters and parts that must be cleaned to standards with detailed specifications and criteria. Carolina Filters provides cleanroom processes for the filters and parts requiring specific air & water cleanliness levels.

Cleaning for the automotive industry often requires processes & equipment that can provide precision cleaning of various parts ranging from smooth surfaces to intricate designs with specific cleanliness requirements. Carolina Filters has chemistries and parts washers that can handle large parts volumes within compressed or extended timeframes that meet the users’ quality requirements.

In pharmaceutical or medical applications, the level of cleanliness and metrics used to cleanliness and integrity are critical to the users’ processes. Carolina Filters works with users to define processes and cleanliness metrics that meets required specifications.

Power Generation
Power generation applications involve filtration for air and gas particulate coming off of various types of reactors ranging from coal to natural gas and coal gasification units. Carolina Filters is familiar with the filter designs and metallurgies associated and used in power generation applications.

Textiles range from polyester, nylon, polyolefin to industrial fibers including carbon fibers. Carolina Filters provides filter and parts cleaning services on the upstream end of the applications that involve the polymers to the downstream end where the fibers are produced.

As water standards become more restrictive, wastewater systems have begun installing various filtration systems that allow for solids and particulate removal. Each type of filter system requires specific processes. Having a wide variety of cleaning options, CFI generally has cleaning options that will meet customers’ needs.
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