Parts Cleaning

An important priority for many of today’s manufacturing companies is to find a reliable partner that can keep parts clean. With years of parts cleaning experience in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, Carolina Filters has the ability to be the partner that your company needs.

A Personalized Approach to Parts Cleaning

While many manufacturing companies require parts cleaning, each individual company has their own needs. From the parts that you need clean to the official standards and requirements that must be met, it’s important that your particular cleaning needs are met.

Because we want to be able to meet all of these different needs, Carolina Filters tailors our services specifically to each of our clients. This helps us ensure that your needs are being met, and that you are getting the best cleaning value possible. We also offer customized packing and shipping options.

All the Parts Cleaning Technology You Need in One Place

At Carolina Filters, we strive to offer our clients a complete parts cleaning solution, using all of the latest cleaning technologies and processes. Our diverse array of offerings ensures that our clients will never have to look to more than one place to have their parts cleaned.

The technology and processes we offer include:

Industry-Leading Cleaning Facility

Offering the best in parts cleaning services means having the best resources available. Carolina Filters has a number of special areas for parts that require special cleaning needs.

These include:

Our Goal

At Carolina Filters, our goal is to become the trusted partner our clients need. We are committed to achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction through monitoring, enforcing, and continually improving our Quality System. Contact us today to learn more about what our parts cleaning division can do for you.

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