DEECOM® Processing

DEECOM® is an innovative technology for parts cleaning to extend filter life over more cleaning cycles. Check out our environmentally safe process!

Oil Refinery Filter Cleaning

Carolina Filters uses a propriety method to remove contaminants such as asphaltenes, organics and inorganic catalyst from metal filters.

Polymer Equipment Cleaning

Our Polymer Equipment Cleaning technology ensures your equipment is cleaned efficiently and effectively. See CFI’s cleaning methods now!

Solvent Cleaning

Our solvent cleaning processes include glycol (TEG/DEG), hydrocarbon solvents. Our engineers develop a custom cleaning method for your parts.

Thermal Cleaning

Carolina Filters offers customers a variety of custom thermal cleaning methods including: Convection Oven, Vacuum Oven and Molten Salt Bath.

Aqueous Cleaning

Carolina Filters offers Aqueous Cleaning processes for parts and equipment cleaning.


CFI offers custom testing methods to provide customers with easy-to-read, quality data and results. Find out more about our parts cleaning tests.

Oxygen Cleaning

CFI offers several oxygen cleaning processes for parts and equipment cleaning. For the best results, a custom cleaning method is developed.

Critical Cleaning

Carolina Filters offers a clean room environment for critical cleaning and testing services. Contact us for more details!

Powdered Metal Reclamation

Shattered Metal Reclamation or Powdered Metal Recycling is more affordable than virgin metal powder. Read more about its benefits now!

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