Oil Refinery Filter Cleaning

If your plant has a maintenance turnaround scheduled or if your  FCCU / RFCC Main Column Bottoms filtration system is experiencing one or more of the following problems:

  • Shorter than designed on-stream life, resulting in:
    • Increased maintenance costs
    • Lower throughput
    • Increased Catalyst costs and usage
  • Downstream equipment problems resulting in:
    • Increased downtime
    • Higher operating costs
  • Compromised product quality resulting in lower revenue

Carolina Filters can help address these operating challenges by helping to solve for some of the root causes for unsatisfactory performance from FCCU Main Column Bottoms filtration:

  • Asphaltenes, and particulate embedded in filter media
  • Organic crude derivatives plugging filters
  • Inorganics from the catalyst stream embedded in filter media.
  • Inadequate or inconsistent in house filter cleaning.

Carolina Filters uses a propriety method to remove contaminants such as asphaltenes, organics and inorganic catalyst from metal filters from manufacturers such as Pall®, Mott®, GKN®, Porvair®, Dynapore® and others used in Refinery filtration applications. 

Carolina Filters provides test and evaluation services that quantifies the degree of cleanliness and usability of the filter.

Carolina Filters has helped refineries globally to solve filter cleaning challenges, improving unit operations, saving money, ensuring product quality, and meeting their maintenance and turnaround time frame.  Turnaround schedules can be tailored to specific requirements.

Contact us at info@carolinafilters.com or at 800-849-5646 ext. 130 to improve your FCCU performance.