Powdered Metal Reclamation

Powdered metal, also referred to as shattered metal, is used in the synthetic fiber industry. The powdered metal is used in pack filtration for the production of various fibers such as polyester & nylon. In some applications, multiple grades of powdered metal will be layered to provide depth filtration in the pack.

In Carolina Filters Powdered Metal Reclamation Process, polymer-encapsulated shattered metal plugs are processed through a thermal cleaning process that removes the polymer allowing the metal powder to be collected and separated from screens, seals, or other components of the plug. Bulk metal from the depolymerized plugs go through a washing/drying process. Metallic & non-metallic components are then separated. Once a cleaned stream of shattered metal is produced, it goes through an additional sieving process to control particle size distribution per the users’ specifications.

Benefits of using reclaimed shattered metal powder are:

  • Lower costs than the virgin metal powder
  • Provide metal powder with porosity comparable to that of virgin metal
  • Reduction or elimination of waste disposal fees associated with discarding polymer encapsulated shattered metal powder
  • Shorted lead times in procuring shattered metal powder
  • Availability of specialty grades
  • Implementation of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly process

Carolina Filters, Inc. will occasionally have a surplus of reclaimed metal inventory. Please contact us to check availability of grades such as: 10/25, 20/35, 25/50, 30/60, 35/45, 40/60, 45/65, 50/100, 70/100; Other grades may be available on request.

For more specific information on Carolina Filters’ Powdered Metal Reclamation Process, please download our whitepaper “Reclamation of Shattered Metal Used In Synthetic Fiber Production” by Susie Reynolds.

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