Solvent Cleaning

Solvent cleaning uses specific chemistries to dissolve, to react with, or soften polymers or plastics to remove contaminants from parts. The selection of solvents will depend on the chemical characteristics of the polymers and plastics.  Polar solvents, such as glycols, are used to process condensation polymers or polymers with polar functional groups. Nonpolar solvents such as hydrocarbon solvents are used to remove oils and nonpolar contaminates.

Our solvent cleaning processes are customized to suit each customers’ unique needs. Additionally, we take special care to select solvents that are not only effective, but also environmentally responsible and safe for use.

Glycol (TEG):

Triethylene glycol (TEG) solvent is used in bulk depolymerization of filters and parts. Our TEG processes are electronically controlled to ensure safe and gentle removal of polymer with consistent and repeatable results.

Benefits of TEG:

TEG can be the best option to remove polymers and plastics in many cases. These solvents are generally effective on condensation polymers, and the process allow for removal of contaminant at temperatures below 530ºF. For filters or parts where heat sensitization is a concern, our glycol solvent can provide exceptional cleaning at no risk to the integrity of the part.

Hydrocarbon Solvents:

Hydrocarbon solvents are used in our automated parts washing/degreasing processes, as well as other customized applications. We partner with an industry leader in solvent and parts washer technology to offer the newest and most effective hydrocarbon solvents and cleaning techniques.

Benefits of Hydrocarbon Cleaning:

Hydrocarbon solvents are useful in removing heavy coatings of grease and oil, as well as in removing residual machining oil and debris from newly manufactured parts. Our automated parts washers and our partnership with our solvent provider ensure that our cleaning processes are effective and generate dependable results.

Common Types of Parts used in Solvent Cleaning Processes:

  • Canisters and housings
  • Candle & Tubesheet Assemblies
  • Disc Stacks
  • Polymer melt filters
  • Pipes, dies, and process equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Newly machined parts/fittings
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