Typical Characteristics of Polymers in Relation to Removal Processes

The first step in recycling expensive metal filters and parts is to remove the polymer or major contaminant. In determining the appropriate depolymerization method, consideration must be given to the physical and chemical physiognomies. Each plays a role when deciding which polymer removal method is best for a metal part or filter.

Innovative Eco-Technology for Cleaning Metal Filters and Parts

Metal filters and parts are vital to the functionality of equipment in a variety of fields from aerospace to automotive to industrial manufacturing. Cleaning these parts is typically more economical than purchasing new parts and filters. Carolina Filters offers a diverse of unique cleaning methods for each customer’s needs. DEECOM® & VacuClean® are two polymer removal methods that provide unsurpassed cleaning results and are also environmentally friendly.

Carolina Filters Invests in Environmentally Friendly VacuClean

Carolina Filters’ goal is to replace traditional technologies with safer, cleaner, more environmentally responsible and improved technologies.  Traditional cleaning technologies use chemicals at elevated temperatures which can degrade the parts being cleaned. Associated raw material costs for traditional cleaning are tied to the price of oil.